Code of Conduct

Certifiied Professional Logisticians (CPLs) shall at all times:

  1.  Seek to uphold and enhance the integrity and professionalism of the transport and logistics industry.
  2. Be responsible for the welfare, health and safety of their employees and the community in general, before their private interest.
  3. Continue their professional development throughout their careers and actively assist and encourage fellow professionals, whether CPLs or not, to advance their knowledge and expertise.
  4. Strive to serve the interest of their employers loyally and without compromising professional integrity or ethics.
  5. Ensure that they carry out their duties in such a way as to promote a professional image of their organisation, the Logistics profession, and industry.
  6. Build their professional reputation on merit and only compete in a fair manner, thus encouraging fair competition between transport modes.
  7. Promote actively international understanding, goodwill and co-operation among professionals in logistics and supply chain management disciplines.